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Exploration Plans

Planned Work on Jackson's Arm Project Summer/Fall 2002

The planned work has two thrusts:

  1. Compilation of previous work. Relogging and resampling of old drillcore.
  2. Prospecting, geological mapping and soil/till geochemistry of unexplored parts of the property
Previous work on the property included 63 drillholes, totalling 8,752 metres. All of this drillcore is preserved in the Newfoundland Government's core storage facility about 2 hours from the property.

Examination of the drillhole logs and sections assayed leads us to believe that considerable new information will be obtained by re-examining the core and assaying sections not previously assayed because they were thought to represent unfavourable rocks.

The focus of most of the old drilling was gold in granites but there is also evidence that the gold zones in the granites cut across the different rock types into the limestones. With more detailed work this trend should be tracked into the sediments and point to areas to focus future work. This provides us with solid evidence of gold occurrences in the overlying sediments in a Carlin-type geological environment.

We also plan to examine the known gold zones and calculate a mineral resource if the data is adequate.

There is a 17 kilometre strike length of essentially unexplored carbonate rocks on the Jackson's Arm property. If a Carlin-type deposit is present on the property this is where it will be. We plan to do initial exploration of these rocks by prospecting, geological mapping and soil and/or till geochemical sampling. This is basic, relatively quick, exploration with the potential to bring excellent results.