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Nov 14, 2006

Kermode intersects 1.32 g/t Gold over 71.6 metres

Kermode Resources Ltd. is very pleased to announce an intersection of 71.6 metres (estimated approximate true thickness of 50.6 metres) grading 1.32 g/t Au in the newly discovered Apsy Feeder Zone at Jackson's Arm. This is one of an additional 9 drillholes totaling 1,611 metres in the Phase 4 drill program on the Jackson's Arm property in Newfoundland and follows up the previously announced intersection of 91.2 metres (estimated approximate true thickness of 91 metres) grading 1.36 g/t Au.

Don Moore, the President of Kermode stated, "These results confirm the continuity of the Apsy Feeder Zone, a very significant new discovery on the Jackson's Arm property. We are continuing drilling in this area and in other areas of this extensively mineralized property with a goal of developing at least one significant gold deposit at Jackson's Arm. Today's results coupled with the previously announced 91.2 meter intersection of 1.36 g/t Au are an important step as we advance towards this goal."

Kermode's planned extensive Phase 4 drill program is designed to better define tonnage and grade of portions of the gold mineralization on the Jackson's Arm property in Newfoundland. Kermode's initial focus is to test the crosscutting feeder zone discovered at the end of the Phase 3 drill program. Sixteen Phase 4 drillholes totaling 2,714 metres have now encountered the mineralized feeder structure.

Analytical results have been received for an additional 9 drillholes the results and the Apsy Feeder Zone intersections are reported below.
Hole        From     To     Core      Estimated True    Au
Number      (m)      (m)  Length (m)  Thickness (m) *  (gpt)
JA-06-49   163.3   187.1    23.9           10.1        1.48   
JA-06-50   192.0   204.5    12.5           11.3        1.25
JA-06-51   231.1   236.0     4.9            3.5        0.80
JA-06-52     3.5    32.0    28.5           28.4        1.13
            47.0    51.0     4.0            4.0        1.73
JA-06-53     5.0    76.6    71.6           50.6        1.32
JA-06-54     1.2    86.5    85.3           36.0        1.03
           122.0   135.8    13.8            5.8        2.13
JA-06-55   106.9   132.5    25.6           18.1        1.18
           140.0   141.1     1.1            0.8        2.37
           143.5   144.7     1.2            0.8        1.88
           154.2   155.0     0.8            0.6        1.27
JA-06-56   130.0   131.5     1.5            1.5        1.04
           143.0   149.0     6.0            6.0        0.60
JA-06-57   116.2   123.5     7.3            3.1        1.10

*True thicknesses are estimated by assuming the zone dips 45 degrees toward an azimuth of 200 degrees (grid south).

The mineralized Apsy Feeder Zone is oriented roughly grid east-west and dips approximately 45 degrees towards grid south. Previous drilling in this area has almost entirely been oriented towards grid west and would most likely either miss the feeder entirely or cut it at very poor angles resulting in apparent poor continuity or in exaggerated thicknesses. Kermode's Phase 4 drilling is oriented grid north-south to properly assess the mineralized feeder structure.

Consulting Geologist James Harris P.Geo, a Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101 guidelines, is supervising the Jackson's Arm drilling program and has reviewed the technical information contained in this News Release on behalf of the Company. Petro Drilling Company Limited of Springdale, Newfoundland is conducting the drilling. Core samples were taken from drillcore which was descriptively logged on site, aligned, marked for sampling and then split in half, longitudinally, using a diamond saw blade. One half the core has been preserved in core boxes for future reference. The samples, comprising the other half of the drillcore were bagged, sealed and delivered directly to the analytical laboratory under the supervision of Mr. Harris. Samples were processed and analyzed at Eastern Analytical Ltd., an assay laboratory based in Springdale, Newfoundland. Samples were crushed with a jaw crusher to 75% passing 10 mesh and split with a riffle splitter to approximately 250 grams. This sample was then pulverized to 95% passing 150 mesh and analyzed for gold utilizing a half assay ton, fire assay technique plus ICP-11. As part of the quality control program being implemented, Eastern Analytical is sending a pulp of 1 in 10 samples to Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd. of Vancouver BC, an ISO 9001:2000 accredited laboratory for ICPMS check analyses. Analytical pulps and rejects will be Retrieved by Kermode and retained.

Kermode acknowledges the financial assistance provided by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador's Junior Company Exploration Assistance Program. Proceeds from a recent flowthrough financing of Kermode by MineralFields Group of Toronto (
are being used to fund this drill program.

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"D. Neil Briggs"

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