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Aug 28, 2007

Kermode Drilling High-Priority Zone on Large Gold Property

Kermode Resources is pleased to announce results from the company's ongoing drill program in Jackson's Arm, Newfoundland. The Jackson's Arm gold property is wholly-owned by Kermode Resources and past results on this project have included wide intersections of very good grade from multiple areas of the large property.

Results today, all from the Road Zone of the property, are detailed below. The company has completed this phase of drilling on the Road Zone and has moved to a one kilometre long untested high-priority area of the property between the Road Zone and the Apsy Zone. This high-priority area, north of the Road Zone, is difficult to access relative to the majority of target areas at Jackson's Arm and therefore the company was unable to drill within the zone during the Winter and Spring months. With no snow and good conditions, the zone is now accessible.

Neil Briggs, President of Kermode, states, "Today's results which include some good widths such as 45 metres of 0.72 grams per ton gold and 23 metres of 0.80 grams per ton gold also have some snippets of better grades such as 0.7 metres of 4.49 grams per ton gold. Although not as significant as past results generated during the ongoing project, these numbers continue to confirm widespread gold mineralization on this large property. We have now moved to a zone that we consider a high-priority and are excited to be drilling within this high-priority area that exists between the Road Zone and the Apsy Zone. This means that we should be drilling on this new area well into September." Selected analytical results are given below:

Hole Number  From (m)  To (m)  Core Length (m)  Gold g/t 
JA-07-97  36.5 42.1 5.6 0.86
JA-07-98  18.5 23 4.5 1.3
41.4 47.4 6 0.84
JA-07-99  8.8 9.5 0.7 0.93
JA-07-100  12.4 17.2 4.8 0.95
19.6 31.3 11.7 0.88
39 55.5 16.5 0.64
JA-07-101  12.5 17 4.5 1.27
JA-07-102  53.6 54.2 10.6 0.94
93.3 94.9 1.6 1.82
JA-07-103  nsr 
JA-07-104  21.5 33.6 12.1 0.67
JA-07-105  4.5 11.4 6.9 0.84
72 78.5 6.5 1.09
JA-07-106  21.5 42.5 21 0.91
JA-07-107  27.5 72.5 45 0.72
JA-07-108  2.2 21.5 19.3 0.77
JA-07-109  nsr 
JA-07-110  45.5 47 11.5 0.96
JA-07-111  59.8 83 23 0.8
includes  59.8 60.5 0.7 4.49
JA-07-112  8 9.5 1.5 1.31

Consulting Geologist James Harris P.Geo, a Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101 guidelines, is supervising the Jackson's Arm drilling program and has reviewed the technical information contained in this News Release on behalf of the Company. Petro Drilling Company Limited of Springdale, Newfoundland is conducting the drilling. Core samples were taken from drillcore which was descriptively logged on site, aligned, marked for sampling and then split in half, longitudinally, using a diamond saw blade. One half the core has been preserved in core boxes for future reference. The samples, comprising the other half of the drillcore were bagged, sealed and delivered directly to the analytical laboratory under the supervision of Mr. Harris. Samples were processed and analyzed at Eastern Analytical Ltd., an assay laboratory based in Springdale, Newfoundland. Samples were crushed with a jaw crusher to 75% passing 10 mesh and split with a riffle splitter to approximately 250 grams. This sample was then pulverized to 95% passing 150 mesh and analyzed for gold utilizing a half assay ton, fire assay technique plus ICP-11. As part of the quality control program being implemented, Eastern Analytical is sending a pulp of 1 in 10 samples to Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd. of Vancouver BC, an ISO 9001:2000 accredited laboratory for ICPMS check analyses. Analytical pulps and rejects will be retrieved by Kermode and retained.

Kermode's current drill program is being funded by proceeds of a flow-through financing from MineralFields Group of Toronto ( ).

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"D. Neil Briggs"