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Nov 26, 2001

Kermode Resources Ltd. Is Pleased To Welcome Russell D. Birrell to its Board of Directors.


Kermode Resources Ltd., in its quest to become the foremost junior exploration company for tantalum is pleased to welcome Russell D. Birrell to its Board of Directors.

Since graduating with a M.Sc. in geochemistry from the University of Western Australia Mr. Birrell has been engaged in mineral exploration applying numerous geoscientific disciplines with a focus on the development and application of innovative geochemical techniques for both government and public companies.

Through his experience he has lead the development and commercial application of the new Mobile Metal Ion (MMI) technology from its conceptual stage to its current recognition as a unique successful mineral exploration tool . Use of MMI technology has led to the development of a gold mine in Western Australia, gold resources in Botswana and a copper deposit in Bolivia.

As Regional Manager for Greenbushes Ltd. of Australia, one of only two tantalum producers in the world, (the other is in Canada) Mr. Birrell was responsible for identifying targets and developing exploration programs. He was thoroughly involved in the definition and development of the Bynoe Harbour tin/tantalum mine in Australia.

The management of Kermode Resources is anticipating the many benefits that Mr. Birrell's experience will bring to the company and look forward to working with him.


"D. Neil Briggs"

D. Neil Briggs, Director