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Sep 13, 2002

Kermode Retains Roscoe Postle

Kermode Resources Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has retained Roscoe Postle Associates Inc. to construct a database for all drilling on Kermode's Jackson's Arm project. This database will include the drill hole location, azimuth, dip, down hole surveys, geology and assays for each hole. Kermode anticipates that this database will then be used to carry out a resource estimation for the Jackson's Arm project. Previous drilling on the property was 63 drillholes, totalling 8,752 metres. All of this drillcore is preserved in the Newfoundland Government's core storage facility located in Pasadena Nfld., about 2 hours from the property.

Previous exploration on the Jackson's Arm property has discovered and partially delineated two large gold mineralizing systems about a kilometer apart. Each system traverses and mineralizes a granite intrusive and overlying sediments. In the granite the zones are each over 600 meters wide, over 300 meters long and over 70 meters thick. Drillhole intersections reported include 1.1 g/t gold over 67 meters in the Apsy Zone and 1.1 g/t gold over 47 meters in the Road Zone.

In addition the Beaver Dam Zone occurs in the sediments immediately overlying the granite, some 3 kilometers south of the Road Zone. Intersections such as 7.37 g/t gold over 2 meters and 5.07 g/t gold over 3 meters are reported in the 15 meter interval of quartzite overlying the granite.

Roscoe Postle is an independent firm of Geological and Mining Consultants. Since its establishment in 1985, Roscoe Postle has carried out a large number of consulting assignments for major mining companies, junior mining and exploration companies, financial institutions, governments, law firms, and individual investors.

Kermode also plans to carry out exploration for Carlin-type gold mineralization on the Jackson's Arm property. Preliminary examination of drill data from the previous work on the property has revealed an intersection of 1.1 g/t gold over 23.35 metres within a larger 35.32 metre-long zone of consistently elevated gold values in the calcareous shales and shaley limestones of the Forteau Formation overlying the granite. Little or no work was carried out on the property focussing on Carlin-type mineralization. There is a 17 kilometre strike length of essentially unexplored carbonate rocks on the Jackson's Arm property. If a Carlin-type deposit is present on the property this is where it will be. We plan to do initial exploration of these rocks by prospecting, geological mapping and soil and/or till geochemical sampling. This is basic, relatively quick, exploration with the potential to bring excellent results.

"Donald G. Moore"
Donald G. Moore"