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Jun 25, 2003

Field Program To Be Initiated at Jackson's Arm


Kermode Resources Ltd. is pleased to announce that the 2003 field program will start at Jackson's Arm, Newfoundland in early July. Compilation of previous data has been completed and six priority areas have been selected as starting points for the Phase 1 program leading into the Phase 2 program (expected to be early Fall) which will include drilling.

The Jackson's Arm property has many of the characteristics of Carlin style gold deposits but, despite 64 previous drillholes, has not been explored for this type of deposit. The previous drilling, in the late 1980's, encountered many long gold-bearing intersections. A recent report by Dr. Derek Wilton, a professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, Memorial University of Newfoundland has found that the rock-types and general geology at Jackson's Arm very strongly supports its identification as a possible Carlin analogue.

Examination of drill data from the previous work on the property has revealed an intersection of 1.1 g/t gold over 23.35 metres within a larger 35.32 metre-long zone of consistently elevated gold values in the calcareous shales and shaley limestones. There is a 17-kilometre strike length of essentially unexplored carbonate rocks on the Jackson's Arm property.

Jackson's Arm fieldwork will be directed towards discovery of additional Carlin-type gold mineralization. Dr. Greg Arehart from the Department of Geological Sciences, University of Nevada-Reno will initiate the 2003 program with a property visit. Dr. Arehart is an acknowledged expert in Carlin type deposits and has been widely published.

Following Dr. Arehart's visit Kermode field personnel will prospect and sample the six already selected priority areas together with any other selections made as a result of Dr. Arehart's examination.

Initial exploration will include prospecting, geological mapping and soil and/or till geochemical sampling. This is basic, relatively quick, exploration with the potential to bring excellent results.


"D. Neil Briggs"


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